MNDF reasons on blockade continuation  

Manipur National Democratic Front (MNDF), a new regional party has its opinion over the BJP at the centre insisting the state congress government to end economic blockade of United Naga Council with the paramilitary forces sent to Manipur.

Lien Gangte, the vice president of MNDF said state government can’t use the forces sent because they are not to open the highway but they were sent for election purpose. BJP leaders say enough paramilitary forces have been sent to help the state government to end the blockade, but the instruction form the centre is different from the ground reality; it is just a gimmick, added Lien.

Lien Gangte was talking on the sideline at a public gathering of Letjam Singson, an MNDF candidate at Saikul assembly constituency at the candidate’s residence in Imphal.

He said, Congress and BJP should stop the policy of blame gaming and instead they should focus on reality and development aspects. MNDF takes it as childish and unprofessional comments from the central and the state leaders, because for the past more than 120 days of imposition of economic blockade has passed and so far the state government as well as the central government have not taken up immediate measures to call off the blockade, added the regional political leader.

If the central government has the intension to bring peace and welfare in the state the government can intervene to end unwanted issues in the state instead of pressuring the state to blame, said Lien Gangte.

He said the Saikul candidate Letjam is on the winning side. MNDF will take part in forming the next government as the major parties will not come up with majority.

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