Saturday, April 22nd, 2017


Heptulla conveys to rededicate for nation building

Governor Dr. Njama A. Heptuulah today conveyed her message on the eve of the Khongjom Day celebration to strive for bringing understanding peace and harmony among the citizens. In the message released today Heptulla stated it was of a great pleasure to greet the people of Manipur on the Khomngjom Day 2017. In the message she asserted that Khonjom Day is celebrated on April 23every year in the state remembering the supreme sacrifices made by the forefathers who died for the freedom of their motherland. Displaying tremendous courage and immenseRead More

33rd State Age Group Aquatic Championship 2017

Trilokchand W swam of Central Swimming Club his way to the gold medal in the individual medley in the 33rd State Age Group Aquatic Championship 2017 held at Khuman Lampak Swimming Pool. In the 200 meter boys individual medley, Trilokchand of Central Swimming Club grabbed the gold with a timing of 4 minute 12.67 second while Ch. Peter of TYC took the silver with 4 minute and 21.39 second and L. Lanchenba of Central Swimming Club settle for the bronze medal with 4 minute and 30.34 second. L. Ritika ChanuRead More

35th State Arm Wrestling Championship 2017

Manipur Police Sports Club grabbed three gold medals in the master category of the 35th State Arm Wrestling Championship 2017 held at Community Hall Iranpham Thongkhong, Kongpal. The opening day saw M. Jiban Singh of Manipur Police Sports Club grabbed the gold in the 80 kg category while Md. Kalam of MYASA fetch the silver and N. Ranjit Singh took the bronze medal. The second gold for the policemen came in the 90 kg with Th. Okendro along with compatriot Md .Abdul got the gold and silver. Manipur Police SportsRead More

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