Heptulla conveys to rededicate for nation building

Governor Dr. Njama A. Heptuulah today conveyed her message on the eve of the Khongjom Day celebration to strive for bringing understanding peace and harmony among the citizens.

In the message released today Heptulla stated it was of a great pleasure to greet the people of Manipur on the Khomngjom Day 2017.

In the message she asserted that Khonjom Day is celebrated on April 23every year in the state remembering the supreme sacrifices made by the forefathers who died for the freedom of their motherland. Displaying tremendous courage and immense patriotism for their motherland they fought against the British, the then mightiest power of the world without even a thought of surrender, added the governor.

On this occasion while paying homage to the valiant heroes who fell at the battle of Khongjom and other fronts at the Anglo Manipuri War of 1891, we must renew our vow to preserve and defend the sovereignty of our country and prepare to face any challenge that might come our way. Let us forget the differences and rededicate ourselves to the task of nation building. Let us strive for bringing understanding, peace and harmony among us so that every citizen is free from wants, conveyed the governor.

She conveyed best wishes to the people of Manipur and all success of this year’s Khongjom Day celebration

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