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Imphal, January 25: Chief electoral officer (CEO), Manipur today celebrated the 8th National Voters’ Day, 2018 on the theme “Accessible Elections” at Gandhi memorial hall, Imphal.

The electronic voting machines used in our country are one of the best, most secured and nothing can be tampered. Many experiments had shown that the machines are foolproof, said the secretary, Rajani Ranjan Rashmi during the celebration.

He said the motive of celebrating the day is to make the young voters understand the importance of voting. Election Commission of India (ECI) came into being even before the Constitution was enacted and it means any democratic nation has to be governed by the election rules.

He stated the EPIC which has photographs, unlike the electoral rolls which were manually printed 10 years ago, showed a great sense of empowerment to improve the voting process and to influence the government. India, although with a huge population, is among the leading countries who use the electronic voting machine (EVM) and ECI, our election process and voters are deserved to be appreciated for this great achievement of using new technology, he said.

He also urged the young voters not to be carried away by misinformation regarding the effectiveness and inefficiency of EVMs.

He also mentioned about the Election Commission of India’s recent decision to have small Electoral Literacy Club in every schools which aims at giving awareness and exposure to election process.

State election commissioner Th. Kamini Kumar said everyone should participate in the election process and give their opinions through voting. He also explained about the purpose of None of The Above (NOTA) in the ballot box.

National Voters’ Day is celebrated on 25th January every year to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process. It also marks the foundation day of the Election Commission India.

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