Wednesday, February 28th, 2018


3,58,123 job seekers in Manipur

Imphal , February 28, 2018  (DIPR) : The number of job-seekers registered during  2017-18 till December 31 in Manipur was 10,664 (6,745 male and 3,919 female), according to Shri Sh. Bijoy Singh, Addl. Director,  Directorate of Employment Exchange. The number of Job-seekers  registered with all the Employment Exchanges during the period from 01.04.2017 to 31.12.2017 was 10,664 including 6,745 male and 3,919 female whereas the number of jobseekers as per live-register as on 31st  December 2017 is 3, 58,123  which includes 2, 46,056(male) and 1, 12,064 (female), said Sh. BijoyRead More

State to punish paddy land devastators

Pothashang News Service : Imphal, February 28, 2018: Manipur government has announced to punish those who violate the Manipur Conservation of Paddy Land and Wet land Act, 2014 in the valley areas of the state by effectively executing it immediately to punish paddy land devastators   . The act was enacted to conserve the paddy land and wet land and to restrict the conversion or reclamation thereof inorder to promote agricultural growth in the state. Revenue minister Karam Shyam addressing the reporters at his office said the act even though enacted in SeptemberRead More

Free & full wi-fi at Manipur University campus

Pothashang News Service : Imphal, February, 28, 2018: Manipur University will soon be filled with free wi-fi (wireless fidelity) signals provided by Reliance Jio, which was announced on Tuesday by the vice-chancellor professor Adya Prasad Pandey. The announcement was made at the office of the vice-chancellor in presence of vice-president of Reliance Jio Balasubramanium Iyer amid teachers and students of the university. Adya Prasad said as an initial stage the plan for free wi-fi service in the campus wi-fi service has already been provided in some section of the campus. But theRead More