Ancient Medical Practices – Naoroibam Indramani

Contd. from 11 March 2018: The duties of the Maibas:
The Maibas (physician/priest) are divided into different categories according to their method of treatment of diseases. According to the book “Maibarol Manga”, the Maibas were incarnated from five gods i.e. (1) Atingkok (2) Atiya (3) Amamba (4) Ashiba and (5) Konjin Tingthokpa. These are the goods of the cosmological period.

These five gods incarnated as the following Maibas – (1) god Atingkok incarnated as the Maiba call ” Yoinou Lapoksu”, (2) god Atiya incarnated as Maiba call “Nongchip Haorongmai”. This Maiba was known as “Ningthou Maibahanba Soupurel Chirai Tangba”

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