Canoe procession against phumshang arson

Pothashang News Service: Imphal, November 23, 2018: A mass ‘peaceful’ canoe procession and public meeting was held today at Loktak Lake on the 7th Commemoration Day of the Loktak Lake Phumshang Arson. The canoe procession was started from ALLAFUM office Langolsabi Champu Khangpot Village Loktak to Liklai Karong, Yangoi Maril Loktak.

Later a public meeting was held at Yangoi Ningthou Temple.

O. O.Rajen secretary ALLAFUM (All Loktak Lake Areas Fisherman’s Union Manipur), said the commemoration was organised in remembrance the violent and gross human rights violations committed by the Loktak Development Authority of Manipur (LDA) in collusion with the Manipur Police by burning hundreds of Phumsangs belonging to the indigenous fisher community, destruction of fishing equipment and personal belongings including children’s school books, uniforms that violate the right to life, right to food, environment and development which are against the traditional and customary practices of the Loktak fishing community since times immemorial.

He said, ALLAFUM is committed that the traditional and customary identity of Loktak lake and its people including their preservation and protection shall never be compromised.

The Loktak lake fishers will continue to struggle against those agencies who are trying to destroy Loktak, and will abide by the principles and guidelines of the international Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Burning Floating Phumshang is burning our history. It is against the law of nature. Phumshang is a unique feature of Manipur and its worth promoting to the world, he added.

Without Phumshang Loktak Lake is incomplete. Such irreparable lost to the poor Loktak fishers marked with a bold letter in the dark history of Manipur. The Loktak lake fishers never take into violence in the past, present and will not in future.
ALLAFUM have deep rooted trust on Ghandian Philosophy of non-violence and awaiting justice till now. The ALLAFUM is eagerly waiting for non-violence approach of the LDA in its developmental activities. The mass peaceful canoe procession and public meeting aims to bring about wide public awareness of the present Loktak situation, he said.

During the commemoration different experts, social activities were also participated and discussed on topics to expose and highlight the violation of Indigenous people rights and to prevent any such un oward incident in future to save future generation.

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