Chirom Samuyai – A successful Archer and Bowyer

Pothashang News Service, December 7, 2018: A former Archer and a state champion who had represented state Archery team for various national championships is now a successful Bowyer. Chirom Samuyai of Thongju Part Two, who started playing archery in the early 2000s, had to soon start making Bow & Arrows while he was still actively playing the sport.

When a Bow was broken players could not afford to buy a new one in those days as most of the players were poor that is why he started making affordable bows.  He used to coach kids, play the sport and as well as make Bows. He actively started making bow and arrows after 2010, when he stopped playing archery.

At present he is supplying his products all over the country. His bows are priced between Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 4,500. He received orders in retail and also in bulk. However, he is finding difficulties in supplying his products to other states as the cost of transports are high. Still he managed to supply more than 2000 bows to other states and sales in Manipur are around 300 bows. And numbers of arrows sold is more than 1 lakh, he said.

His productions are very slow because he along with his workers makes bow and arrows manually. However, he is planning to upgrade his factory soon. He hopes that he could get support from the government.

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