Have bamboo cookies and biscuits in World Bamboo Workshop at Imphal

Pothashang News Service: Imphal, February 29, 2019: Bamboo cookies and biscuits apart from bamboo cuisines will be introduced in the 5-day 3rd World Bamboo Workshop that would begin on February 4 at City Convention Centre, Imphal.

This was said by ambassador of World Bamboo Organisation professor Nirmala Chongtham, while announcing the schedule of the bamboo workshop at the Manipur forest department.

The workshop is first of its kind in India.

She said 34 countries are participating with about 300 delegates from all over the globe.

Nirmala said two memorandums of understanding will be signed with a Mexican firm and a Bangalore based Indian firm to promote bamboo product and marketing.

“A draft of Manipur Bamboo Policy is in the final stage. It will be declared soon after updating it with the suggestions and knowledge acquired from the experts in the workshop,” said principal secretary (trade, commerce and industries) P. Vaiphei.

“The world bamboo workshop can be a game changer for the people in Manipur and North East. The north eastern region of India has only 28 percent of land where bamboo is grown. But the north east produce 68 percent of bamboo India produces. India is the second largest producer of Bamboo in the world next to china. The economic life of the people in the region can be promoted with promotion of bamboo products and its marketing as people of the region especially in Manipur has the tradition of producing bamboo products,” professor Priyoranjan Chongtham said.

Nirmala said new techniques of making bamboo pieces and bamboo items will be showcased in the workshop by experts from various countries.

She said 34 countries are participating with about 300 delegates from all over the globe.

The World Bamboo Workshop annually is organised by World Bamboo organization with an objective to spread the traditional use and application of bamboo of a particular place or region of the world and at the same time bring all the scientific, technical and traditional knowledge available around the world in bamboo at that particular place.

The workshop is a unique event international in nature, with speakers and trainers from all over the world, specialized in bamboo in the sector of forestry, management, landscaping, construction, nutrition, preservation, art, handicrafts and much more, the goal of this workshop is that all the attendees learn about bamboo and it benefits as an eco-friendly, highly renewable resource.

The five days event at Imphal will have lectures, hands-on training, exhibitions, cultural shows, and more on bamboo.

Saying that the workshop will highlight benefits to human health, five bamboo pavilions will be built, craftsman will showcase wonderful things with bamboo, Nirmala asked the people of the state specially bamboo enthusiasts to visit and enjoy the international expo.

The World Bamboo Workshop is an open event to all people around the world wanting to learn and work with bamboo, There is no requirement to participate in this event.
Also, this workshop is a networking event where people working in bamboo meet each other.

Vaiphei said at City Convention Centre there will be a plenary discussion on all the five days. During this workshop, we will have 25 stalls located within the City Convention Centre on the ground floor which will be specifically focus on bamboo products, bamboo technology, bamboo related items. These 25 stalls will be mostly demonstrative in nature where the people of our state, anybody who is interested in bamboo, how to use bamboo, handicraft items or food items or for various other resource purposes they can come and experienced it added Vaiphei.

Another 50 stalls will also be setting up at Hapta Kengjeibung, mostly on Bamboo but we will also be trying to showcase the rich handloom products we have along with the handicraft products. We have decided to give it out all the stalls on free of cost, the basic criteria for giving out  the stalls is on the relevance of the people on the sector so we have given the task of identifying people who will be sitting in the stalls to each of the department concerned.

“There will be a big food Stall at Hapta Kengjeibung, where out of the five days, for 3 days we will be having Bomboo food cooking competition like bamboo cooking, Soibum, bamboo soot. We want to focus on the food aspect of bamboo.

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