Disturbance free education zone demand day

Pothashang News Service: Imphal, July 6, 2019: There is need to review all sorts of movements since 1949 to make disturbance free education zone, said Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) president Salam Akash said on the ocassion of Disturbance free education zone demand day.

The observation was organised at Tribal Research Institute on Friday by Co-ordinating Committee on Disturbance Free Education Zone Demand which is form by various stakeholders led by DESAM.

Akash said the day has been observed since 2008 by co-ordinating with various organisations including teachers’ organisation and transporters organisation. Since the formation of the co-ordinating committee by like- minded organizations it has been continuing the movement against disturbance towards education for the last 12 years, he added.

In the continuing process of the movement some state and non state actors have been disturbing the education sector in various ways such as untimely allotment of teachers, involvement in transfer posting policy, threatening the schools with bombs and others. The various incidents in the midst of the movement shows that the movement needs to be reviewed in order to strengthen it, he added.

The movement of co-ordinating committee was launched to bring peaceful, impartial and quality education in the state and with a hope to make the educational zone free from any kind of disturbances.

The committee has been appealing to all the state and non state actors not to stand against the demand.

Controller of Board of Higher Secondary Education Manipur, K. Tiken said bandh, blockades, general strike have been becoming a factor that cause disturbance in education. But untimely lack of school administration is also one of the major factors.

Former convener of Joint Students’ Co-ordinating Committee, Ng. Milan said students should not give up their education despite of disturbances.

It is necessary to added regional context in educational syllabus from primary to post doctoral level. Including regional context could bring a change in the society mainly in science and mathematics subjects as most of the students have been forgetting the indigenous languages, said Milan.

President of All Manipur College Teachers’ Association, M. Lokendro Singh; president of All Manipur Elementary School Teachers Association, Chingtham Shantakumar; president of Apunba Ireipakki Maheiroi Sinpanglup, Khuraijam Romen and others attend the function as presidium members.

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