Manipur government planning to legalise Cannabis: Biren

Pothashang News Service: Imphal, September, 21, 2019: Manipur government is planning to legalise Cannabis solely for the medicinal and industrial purposes, said chief minister N. Biren Singh on Saturday.

The state Cabinet would discuss the matter in the next Cabinet meeting, Biren said.

States like Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have already legalised Cannabis for medicinal purposes, he added.

The chief minister also announced that under the ‘Start-up Manipur’ scheme, a new program called ‘Stand-up Manipur’ would be introduced to provide soft loans to SC, ST, OBC, minority entrepreneurs of the state. A Facilitation Cell for enabling SC/ST/OBC/minority entrepreneurs to provide information and assist the entrepreneurs belonging to weaker sections for availing the projects under various schemes of Government of India, he added.

Expressing the historic step taken by the Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on corporation tax rate cuts, the chief minister said all domestic companies would be allowed to pay corporation tax at the rate of 22 percent which was earlier 30 percent. Any new domestic manufacturing company, incorporated on or after October 1, 2019, will be allowed to pay corporation tax at the rate of 15 percent, he added. He maintained that no tax on buyback of shares in case of listed companies which have already made a public announcement of buyback before July 5.

Biren said there would be an expansion in the scope of CSR activities. The companies can now spend 2 percent of the money on state or Union government incubators, PSUs, state universities, IITs, public-funded entities, he added.

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  • One Comment to Manipur government planning to legalise Cannabis: Biren

    1. Our state should legalize cannabis/hemp cultivation.

      This will help our state and citizens interms of economy, health and welfare.

      Lets face it, UN themselves admitted that War on drugs was total failure. Cannabis has already proven worldwide that its an exit to gateway of drugs. Nobody has ever died from cannabis, there is no such thing called overdose from cannabis.Its medicinal properties already proven cure for cancer, tumor, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and many more.

      It is surprising that most of the people (even Doctors) don’t know about Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that exist in our body. Our body generates cannabinoids to tackle issues in our CB1 & CB2 receptors.

      India registered 11,60,000 cancer cases in 2018, according to GLOBOCAN, a WHO’s cancer-mapping programme. Imagine legalization will help those people who cannot afford modern medical treatments.

      Cannabis can reduce our petroleum dependencies by producing Biofuel which is also good for the environment.

      Hempcrete can provide more efficient alternatives than current building materials. They are antibacterial, waterproof, fireproof, no carbon emissions, last hundreds of years.

      Hemp plastic can help us get rid of this cursed plastic that we have right now. Hemp plastic can biodegrade itself in 90 days since it is made from the hemp plant cellulose.

      Cannabis/hemp it self is a super food, full of amino acids, Omega 3, protein etc.

      Industrial cultivation can give opportunities our unemployed people and farmers as cannabis can grow in different climatic conditions (Not sub-zero ofcourse), doesn’t need pesticides, doesn’t need much irrigation, keeps the soil fertile. This will help them earn better livelihood.

      Legalizing cannabis will create new jobs, new opportunities for business and tax revenue for government and help people.

      It is well known by everyone that there is a big black market going on in streets of India and by legalizing it we can convert that whole illegal flow of money in the growth of country’s economy.
      FACT: US recently collected $4.7 Billion as a tax from Cannabis business in US.

      Talking about recreational part, we are already hooked to legal narcotics like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine. Cannabis is better alternative, you don’t only smoke but you can make edibles out of it and enjoy the bliss all day, recreationally+medicinally.

      We all can see the image of cannabis in India is no good as of now. We all fear that if our parents or society caught smoking weed then we will be thought as wasted whereas the same society is accepting the alcohol and willingly share glasses while on social gatherings. It is medically proved that marijuana is much safer than alcohol.

      FACT: Every year, 260,000 people die in India from alcohol, be it drunk driving, alcohol poisoning, alcohol overdose, alcohol related cancers.

      What is the reason that there is a hoax about smoking weed and getting wasted? Why there is such a taboo behind ganja?

      It’s because lack of awareness and misleading knowledge that passed in past regarding this miracle plant. We need to spread awareness and clear the air about Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp in public.

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