Building requires government approval

Pothasang News Service: Imphal, October 6, 2019: Building owners constructed within the Imphal Municipal Corporation should take building approval from the concern officials by October 15 and owners who failed to get the approval will take necessary action from the next day.

The caution was announced on Sunday by

MunicipalAdministration, Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) minister Th. Shyamkumarstated during a press conference held here.

According to Manipur gazette notification of ‘The Imphal Municipal CouncilBuilding Bye-laws (first amendment), 2019’ the government has given approval to construct G+7 buildings under some criteria. The law was amended in order to save the paddy fields and to avoid construction at paddy lands, the minister said.

Manipur falls under earth quake zone but and before the amendment of the recent bye-laws onlyG+3 building was permitted. Due to the reason people started to construct buildings and others at many paddy lands. After discussing with experts and government the bye-law is amended and included in Manipur gazette published on May 4, 2019, he added.

People had been constructing houses without getting approval from the authority concern which results dismantle of buildings. Recently during an incident happened at Palace compound two were injured when some part of the building was collapsed, he said.

After investigation by the officials it was found that the building was constructed without approval from the authority. An FIR has been registered against the building owner and the owner has been booked under law, said Shyamkumar.

People should respect and follow laws, he added.

In the gazette notification published on May 4 it is mentioned that G+2 can have amaximum height of 11 metres and should be constructed at 90-150 square metre with setbacks proposed of 1.50 metres (m) in front, 0.90 m in rear, 0.90m inside 1 and 0.90 m in side 2, another criteria for G+2 is same height as mentioned but plot area is from 150-300 square metre and setbacks proposed is2.00 m in front, 1.20m in rear, 1.20 in side 1 and 1.20m in side 2. For G+3maximum height should be 13 m and plot area should be 300-500 square metrew here setbacks proposed is 3.00m in front, 2.00 m in rear, 1.80m in side 1 and 1.20m inside 2, another criteria for G+3 with same maximum height the plotarea is 500-750 square metre and setbacks proposed front should be 4.00 m, 3.00m in rear, 2.40m inside 1 and 1.20m in side 2. From G+5 to G+7 building the maximum height which is to be above 16 m should have plot area starting from 1000-2500 square metre and for G+7 building should have a maximum height of 25 metre and plot area should have 2000-2500 square meter. For setback sproposed front it should be 8m in front, 4.5 m in rear, 4.50 in side 1 and 4min side 2.It is also mentioned that parking space shall be provided as per provision of the master plan and zonal plan and in case of high rise building parking will be permitted at any or all of the basement, stilts and podium. Stacked/multilevel/automated parking is also permitted.

Buildings which failed to meet the recommended criteria of ‘The Imphal Municipal Council Building Bye-laws (first amendment), 2019’ will take necessary action, Shyamkumar cautioned.

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