Manipur’s amazing pricing system


People in Manipur are bullied with the mechanism of trading as some commodities are marketed at higher than the printed price while some are sold far lesser than the printed price, in the heart of Imphal.
People are either ignorant or reluctant to complain over it. The mindset of ‘Let it be’ has been a social malady in the state.
The local diary milk packets of 500 ml each are sold at Rs. 25 as against the printed price of Rs. 22. When asked, the vendor’s reply was ‘everyone sells the same at Rs. 25 so do I’. But it is printed only Rs. 22? The answer was ‘so what, who cares for Rs. 3 today? Where can we get the change?’ But you should have at least returned either match boxes or sweets for the change? The answer was easy ‘leave it if you don’t want to buy’. The consumer had no option, but to get it for the family. He gave a Rs. 50 note to get a packet of milk. The vendor returned him a Rs. 20 note and a soap that cost Rs. 5 saying I don’t have the change. This was a story narrated by a consumer to Pothashang with many similar cases.
On the other, the mobil oil for Kinetic scooter is sold in the market for Rs. 70, Rs. 80 and 90 per 500 ml bottle at different shops. However the printed selling price is only Rs. 140. A consumer told Pothashang such printed price helps the sellers to fool around people and can even sell the product at the printed price when the whole sale price is just Rs. 55 per 500 ml bottle.

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One thought on “Manipur’s amazing pricing system

  • January 1, 2017 at 9:12 PM

    Amazing web page. Hope people in Manipur should start working towards make a easy and comfortable life for everyone. Manipur is rich in nature(geographically) one of the most beautiful place in India. People are fighting for silly things and wasting time and precious lifes instead of that make surroundings need & clean make your lacality much more clean & beautiful, increase state tourisum many people are waiting to visit your place and spend lots of money at least 35-40% unemployment will reduce. The mist powerful economy and revenue of a state is tourism it will inpuoved roods condition can start working till late night local people can start earning more income no need to go out people of Manipur outside state for hunting of job. It will also increase frequency of flights connectivity to maximum big citis, taxi survice, food points, servicing center, medicals, hotels, markets, can also export eatable items handicraft items, etc endless other job to enhance economic to the people of Manipur there is no community, no person no religion it is just a individual who become parts of this beautiful planet earth, please live your life happily enjoy healthy wealthy do something good for helplesd, help someone in need and stop fighting like cats and dogs (animals) time had change even cats and dogs start helping and making friends each other. Stop this nonsence my place your place my religion your religion becouse earthquake never see’s who is he or she which religion whose place its just a desaster same as Strom, rain, land slide, floods etc. Please start working how to overcome from all this because Manipur is in V zone of earthquake. People may not have seen fesaster of nature I have seen it done many rescue save lives. So please all individual start thinking and work towards development not to all those drama which was practicing till 31 Dec 16. Happy New year to all with best wishes.


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