Government’s visit to Henglep surprises villagers


Government’s visit to Henglep sub division of Churchandpur after 50 years has surprised the villagers, which made the people feel a sense of belongingness.

An SDO and his team and other top officers visited the neglected village to see the ground reality of the village which was visited by an SDO.

The SDO team toured for 10 days starting from May 1 and reached out 10 villages of the northern side of Henglep sub division which is the most backward sub-divisions of Churachandpur district, said a source.

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Report says the team had to walk on foot for more than 120 kms to different villages where there is no proper road and electricity and the transportation of goods cost 5 times more than the normal rate of other places.

The tour was aimed for a spot identification and a fact finding mission that included checking on how the food security system works in the area and AADHAAR card implementation, which is a must for the beneficiaries of today’s government scheme.

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Major means of economy in the area is cultivation of U-Morok (Giant Chilly or King Chilly). The villagers felt that there is a need for proper communication between the sub-division and the districts headquarter not only for trading but also to transport in rice.

The SDO said a power station of 33/11 KV at Henglep sub-division will be inaugurated soon by the chief minister and power minister by next month or the following months.
Henglep sub-division will now be availed with new developments, and the village authority will be given task for the distribution at fair price shop items where agents will also be helped with GPS system of tracking by a team from central government, who will come to ascertain identity of the village and villagers by next month or sooner, and the distribution of the PDS items will be done at five locations of the sub division, added the SDO.


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