Loi communities of Manipur – Naoroibam Indramani


Contd. from 28 January, 2018, Ngaroi: The Loi villages which paid fish times as tribute were known as Ngaroi. “Kei Loi Lingkhatpa” an old manuscript gives the name of Ngarois as (1) Thanga (2) Arong and (3) Moirang.

Before conversion into Hinduism by the Meiteis, there was no restriction in intermarriage between the Meitei and the Lois. But after conversion into Hindusim in 18th century, the intermarriage between Meitei and other communities like Keis, Lois, hill tribes, Muhamadans (Pangal) had been restricted. After conversion into Hindusim, the Meiteis considered themselves as the highest class in

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