State questioned if Muslims are not Manipuri – cautions mass agitation


Pothashang News Service: Imphal, March 9, 2018: All Manipur Muslim Organisation and Co-ordinating Committee (AMMOCOC) has questioned the Manipur government if the Muslims are not the people of the state alleging the government for trying to evacuate the people inhabiting at Kshetri Awang Ching in Imphal East.

Recently all of sudden the government machinery conducted an operation at Kshetri Awang Ching and it was wrongly expressed on media that the indigenous people of the place as non-locals despite of possessing Aadhar card and voter card, said SM Jalal Sekh, president of the committee.

Following the press report a team of AMMOCOC and its constituent organization visited the village. In our investigation we have found out that these people in the village are indigenous people. They have been living at this place since 1976.

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The village has a masjajid, a government school, an Anganwadi centre, electricity and water facilities.

The state government has served notice to the villagers to vacate the place alleging that the village was established encroaching the forest area. There are other communities who are encroaching in forest reserve areas. What actions has been taken against it?, asked Jalal.

At this juncture AMMOCOC and YSO (a local club) feels as the Muslims in the state are not citizens of Manipur. “Does the government fail to realize Muslims belong to the indigenous people of the state? Where are these people going to send off? Is it because the government wants its people to run wild in search for settling place?” asked Jalal.

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We have faith to the state government that it will take up constructive measures for the minority Muslims. However, the sentiment-sting steps being taken up by the government as if against the Muslims appear to be a sensitive issue to us, he added.

He cited, recently homestead land at Mantripukhri the government has also served notice to acquire it for a project, and in the name of conservation of paddy land and wet land it also notified that no construction can take place in the area. It was a deliberate measure from the side of the government against the minority Muslims. Besides there has been diversion of funds issue that are meant for the minorities, and the adding of surname issue without which the Muslims will not get the OBC certificates among others, said Jalal.

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We have served memorandums and ultimatums to the government against these issues. Instead of trying to bring amicable solutions to the issues the government deliberately attempts against the minorities by creating similar issues. “This nature of the government has invited us for a public uproar against the government”, he added.

But we don’t want to take up any form of agitation against the government. Instead we want to sit together with the government to chalk out solution to the issues. This is our last ultimatum to the government to arrange a talk for it in the nearest future. “If the government acts negatively, our only option is to launch full-scale agitations”, said Jalal.


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