SHIRUI FESTIVAL 2018 COMES TO AN END: Shirui Lily symbolic of emotional bond in state: Biswajit


UKHRUL, April 28, 2018: The Shirui Lily Festival 2018 came to an end this evening at the Tangkhul Naga Long Ground in Ukhrul amidst much pomp and gaiety. The festival which was opened by Chief Minister Shri Nongthombam Biren Singh on April 24 was spread across three venues.

Addressing the closing function, Works/Rural Development &Panchayati Raj/Commerce and Industries/Power/Information and Public Relations/AR & Training Minister Shri Thongam Biswajit Singh said that the Shirui Lily has now become a gift from the Almighty to bring an emotional bonding amongst us all and today we are gathered here for this emotional bonding.

He said that there can be no development without peace.

Today, the government led by Chief Minister Shri N.Biren Singh has introduced its “Go To the hills” slogan to bridge the gap between the different communities.

He continued we may have different religion, ideologies, but we all belong to one human race. We must clear the mistrust and misunderstandings amongst us and bridge the existing gap.

Explaining the importance of these festivals in promoting cultural bonding, the Minister said we should exchange our culture and traditions. He also explained the need to encourage regional cooperation and unity.

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We should also understand how to promote tourism and at the same time utilise our untapped resources, he said.

Further stating that a society cannot grow without economic growth, the Minister said that the government is organising festivals like the orange festivals and pineapple festival to showcase our agriculture and horticulture products and at the same time attract tourists which will result in increase of the economy. He said we have to explore the vast resource available in the State in the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

He also said that human resource development is also vital to the growth of society.

Citing from personal experience, the Minister also said that the natural beauty of the State is second to none. He said that until we explore and utilize our untapped resources we cannot bring development. It is the right time that we explore our untapped natural resources, he said. Shri Biswajit also said that Ukhrul has a huge number of talented youth and young entrepreneurs and it is time to promote them.

Shri Biswajit also assured to ensure that roads in the district are all black-topped by next year if the weather allows.

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With an initiative idea of the Hon’ble Prime Minister and supportive will of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the Government will launch the “Go to the Village” mission on May 1 to reach out to the untouched remote villages of the State.

Regarding the Power Sector, Shri Biswajit said that the department has a toll free number 1912 through which consumers can make any complaints regarding power supply.

Tamei A/C MLA Awangbow Newmai said that we have witnessed many festivals being observed or celebrated in different parts of the State; however these festivals were enjoyed by only a section of the society.

He said that the Shirui Lily Festival, which is being organised as a State level festival since last year, has not only attracted people from different parts of the district or just the State but from outside the State also. This is one development that can be termed a big achievement, he said.

He continued that by development, we generally consider better roads and buildings; however, we should not forget that real development lies in building the relationship between the different communities to bring peace.

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Life without progress is a stagnant life, he said and added but there can be no progress without peace. In order to have peace we have to respect the others, respect and enjoy each other’s culture.

Today, we can all enjoy festivals together without any fear, he said.

In his brief welcome speech, Chingai A/C MLA Shri Khasim Vashum thanked all those who contributed in making the festival a grand success.

Cultural performances of the evening include traditional song by National Awardee Thotreisho Keishing, Pung and Dhol Chollon with conch performance, performances by cultural troupes from Ukhrul, Tripura Tribal Cultural Research Centre, Nagaland.

Simultaneously, a rock concert featuring American rock band Queensryche was also held at Bakshi Ground where a rock competition was held over the past few days.

Stalls selling eatable items and other indigenous items were also set up at the venues during the festival. The closing ceremony was also attended by Tourism Corporation of Manpiur Ltd., Chairman Shri Dr.Sapam Ranjan Singh, Phungyar A/C MLA Shri K. Leishiyo and other government officials.


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