Lotak areas integration pathway in the pipeline


Imphal, May 4, 2018: Loktak Development Authority (LDA) has finalised the project, Conservation of the Loktak Wetland Complex, integrating all the associated lakes like Pumlen, Kharung, Khoidum and Ikop, with the technical support of Wetlands International-South Asia, New Delhi.

The management action plan is expected to provide a comprehensive pathway for conservation of the entire wetland complex of which Loktak forms a major part. The project aims to address land and water management issues both within the lake basin and the watershed, ensure community engagement through income generation programmes and sustainable livelihoods.

Another project is Promotion of Livelihood through Sustainable Fisheries Enhancement Activities in the peripherals areas of the Loktak wetland. The goal of this project is to promote livelihood opportunity in sustainable fishery activities with the scope of providing ensured income generation for effective management and conservation of wetland environment.

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The third project is Construction of Fore-Shore road. The proposed project is to construct a ring road of 80 km long around the periphery of the lake. The road will clearly draw a line between the private, government or areas where the ownership of the land is doubtful. The road will present the illegal encroachers for further encroachment.

Funds for the three projects are to be sanctioned by the state and the Centre.

The LDA was able to finalise these three long term projects said L. Bhagaton Singh, project director of LDA, during a press conference held today at DIPR Moirangkhom complex.

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The project director said compensation of Rs 14,000 each to 519 Phum huts and Rs 13,000 each to 8219 Athaphum were already given by LDA.

LDA has completed the Short Term Action Plan (STAP) for Conservation of Loktak Lake with appreciable results in maintaining the open water regime in the central part of the lake, activities of LDA during 2016-17 has been largely confined to maintenance works to sustain the ecological wellbeing of the lake region. Activities involved removal of phumdi from Loktak and Pumlen lake. Loktak now is much cleaner and the wetland drainage system has improved rejuvenating the hydrological processes, added the project director.

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There has been a specific catchment conservation effort, small but nevertheless critical, in the Loktak watershed with the financial support of the central and state governments through Central Plan Scheme (CPS). Activities involved small scale engineering works for soil and water conservation, livelihood improvement through horticulture plantation.

Inland Water Transport project, funded by ministry of shipping through IWAI, also saw good progress with the completion of the terminal complex at Sendra being the first of six such units. A project proposal has also been submitted to establish and maintain inland transport routes for uninterrupted ferry service in Loktak lake.


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