Rally clashes rally; police intervene, eight injured


Pothashang News Service: Imphal, August 6, 2018: At least eight members of Manipur University fraternity were injured when police fired tear gas shells towards them inside the varsity campus.

The incident took place when different group of demonstrators approached from different directions at the Manipur University shouting slogans “Save Manipur University, make VC-in-charge functional, save Manipur Students”.

The varsity community who were protesting inside the campus marched a rally. Police tried to stop them at the gate when they were stepping out of the varsity campus. The police fired tear gas shells inside the varsity.

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The varsity community alleged that the people’s mass rally was planned by the government to sabotage the struggle of the varsity community for ouster of VC Pandey.

Dr. N. Sanatomba of Manipuri department said, “This planned agitation is strongly condemned by the university community. The government hired groups of people to organise the rally. And why the police fired smoke bombs only to the varsity community. This is shameful act for the government and the Manipur police.”

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“If the people of Manipur want to support Pandey and turned down Manipur University we will surrender to the people,” he added.

So far I know eight of the varsity community were injured including a male teacher and two students, one a girl student, said the teacher.

Why the police fired tear gases to the varsity community only? When asked to an elderly lady in the mass rally the reason of the rally, she answered “we don’t know, we were told to participate the rally to save Manipur University and gave money”.  “What is the BJP government doing, why don’t you try to solve the issue properly”, “Why the police did not intervene to the people protesting when there is CrPC 144?” asked an agitating varsity student.


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