Political parties’ committee demands to withdraw Framework Agreement


Pothashang News Service: Imphal, August 28, 2018: Core committee of political parties has demanded to withdraw the Naga Framework Agreement that was signed between NSCN (I-M) and the government of India to settle the more than two decades long Indo-Naga peace talk.

The committee also demanded to conduct special Manipur Assembly session by September 15 so that all the 60 representatives of people would resolve to safeguard the emotional integrity that exists between the hills and valley people of Manipur from possible impact to the state’s integrity by the result of the framework agreement.

The committee said besides the issue of framework agreement the issues of Citizenship Bill 2016, Manipur University issue and Border issues remain inconclusive. These issues should be resolved in the House which is the highest decision making platform of people, it demanded

 “Things should be prevented before it is finalised,” said convenor of the committee R.K. Anand. If Article 371 (A) is either extended or Manipur is made included in the VI schedule as spelled out, it will lead to creation of a state within Manipur, and it will later divide Manipur into parts, he added.

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“Central government has cheated us politically” trying to bring a solution for a single community who rebels with arms and leaving aside the voice of unarmed people of Assam Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur raised to safeguard unity, said Anand.

“Trying to settle the Naga issue through secret agenda of the Naga accord is the biggest cheat ever practiced by the Centre towards the North East,” he added.

He asked, “Why the Centre says there is nothing in the Framework Agreement when interlocutor R.N, Ravit spells of possible extension of the Article to give special status to Nagas which would divide among people of Manipur and North East?”

In different point of time the Naga peace talk has threatened Manipur’s integrity, he added.

Ng. Bijoy former Congress MLA said, in the parliamentary committee, home affairs report recommended on July 19 clearly mentioned that Article 371 (A) is already accorded.  The report makes it very clear that the people of Nagaland are special and a similar status has been accorded to them. A similar kind of status with some local variation and some changes to Nagas in the neighboring states can be explored.’

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He said, “The committee also recommends that the government should nevertheless proactively stay prepared for any kinds of scenario that may emerge in the aftermath of the agreement and keep the security forces and intelligence agency alert.”

“What is the meaning of such recommendation if the agreement not going to hurt the interest of the entire population of the neighbouring states?” He asked.

The committee has decided to convene a state level convention on August 22 to take decisions on the burning issue. Leaders and experts from different sections will be invited, said Anand.

CPI Manipur leader M. Nara said, this committee is not a political alliance, but a united platform for likeminded people to fight the common issue of Manipur.

The state Assembly scheduled on August 10 was postponed on 16 and again postponed indefinitely. “What is this?” “What kind of governance is this?” Everything will be discussed on the convention with the people. People are worried over these issues. The assembly should clear the doubt of the people, said Nara.

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He added that the Manipur University issue is not over or settled. Think of another Pandey who would be recommended as vice-chancellor for the varsity. What is happening is the so called ‘saffronisation’ of the BJP government. How many universities and research institutions have been affected? It began from Jawahral Nehru University and reached upto Hydrabad University, said Nara.

The parties in the committee were the Congress, CPM, CPI, North East India Development Party (NEIDP), Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Janata Dal Secular, All India Trinamool Congress, All India Forward Bloc (AIFB), Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

NEIDP had left the committee and joined hands with the BJP.


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