UCM to organise mass rally against threat to integrity


Pothashang News Service: Imphal, October 1, 2018: United Committee Manipur (UCM) has sought support from the people of Manipur and appealed people from all walks of life including ministers to participate in the rally for protection of Manipur integrity.

UCM today announced to organise a mass rally in the heart of Imphal to oppose threat against Manipur’s integrity allegedly posed by the conclusion of Indo-Naga peace talk through the Naga Framework Agreement.

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The united committee alleged that the India government continues to attempt to break the emotional and territorial integrity of Manipur. The committee has appealed to stop it.

The content of the Framework Agreement that was signed on August 3, 2015 has not been revealed. It has brought about apprehension of breaking Manipur integrity threatening Manipur socially and politically, said Sunil Karam president, UCM.

Because of the threat the UCM on September 20 organised a one-day “public discourse on 213th report of the parliamentary standing committee on home affairs, government of India” at Lamyanba Sanglen in Imphal.

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According to its resolution we have decided to organise it on October 31 in Imphal to show solidarity for Manipur integrity, said Sunil.

The rally is not against any community in the state, but to save Manipur and its future, said Sunil.

He said a public gathering will be held after the mass rally. The resolutions taken in the gathering will be submitted to the government of India demanding to stop threatening the integrity of Manipur, to prohibit existence of two governments in the state by dividing the state administration based on ethnic line, it added.  We oppose offering of autonomy or territory to any community or inclusion of the state in the sixth schedule, said Sunil.


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