NEIDP urges people need to be cautious of immoral politicians


Pothashang News Service: Imphal, June 11, 2019: What would happen to Act East Policy when it is fully implement if the ‘politician drunken revelry at Tamu caught on tape’ was first step on the announcement of Act East Policy.

Mongoloid looking people must be cautious against immoral mainland politicians, said state president of North East India Development Party (NEIDP), Ng. Bijoy in a press conference held today at its party head office located at Sagolband Tera Sapam Leirak, Imphal.

The party strongly condemned the “immoral act” of the mainland politicians which were reportedly from Bihar caught on camera in drunken state misbehaving with women at Tamu on Sunday last.

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It was reported in Imphal Times, and evening daily that members of Committee on International and Central Assistance of Bihar Legislative Assembly visited Manipur Legislative Assembly recently as a part of study tour. MLA Yaduwanch Kumar Yadav of RED led the team. The team included Prasad Singh of BJP, MLA Rajkumar Rai of JD(U) and MLA Shivachandra Ram of RED. The members of the team visited Indo-Myanmar border on June 1 to take stock of the development programme being taken up there under the Act East Policy.

Bijoy said Myanmar and Manipur being neighbor to each other people from both side have been supporting each other by building emotional attachment since time immemorial though there is international boundary. It is said that the politicians which are reportedly from Bihar came to the state in connection with the Act East Policy but the video went viral on social media could bring bad impact to the youngsters, he added.

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In the midst of fighting for a clean environment all over the world the act of such politicians could bring a huge role on diverting the meaning and importance of the policy, Bijoy said.

The awkward incident could bring bad impact on relationship with Myanmarese socially, economically and morally, he added.

If the policy is fully implemented billionaires will come in the state for investment and to take benefit under Act East Policy. The billionaires who will be coming to take benefit under the policy might place wrong view to the women and damsel of the state. Also they might spread incurable diseases among the youths, said Bijoy.
People including civil bodies need to take precautionary steps before the policy is fully implemented in order to save the future of rich culture of Manipur, he added.
Non looking mongoloid people usually look down the mongoloid looking people and before such sheep skin wolf politicians spoil the flock, said Bijoy.


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