Sweets, instead of fines for helmetless riders


Churachandpur, 27 August, 2019 (DIO): Setting a benchmark in ingenuity, Churachandpur district police under the overall supervision of Superintendent of Police Amrita Sinha came up with a novel way of safety driving campaign and spreading awareness on helmetless driving to motorcycle riders. Quite contrary to the common practice of imposing fine to helmetless riders, the District Traffic Control Police personnel distributed sweets to riders without helmets and counseled them on safety tips.

“We are carrying out the helmet drive to check those bike / two wheeler riders, who are moving around without wearing their helmets – either they do not have a helmet or they have forgotten it at their house or they might be keeping it in the vehicle itself and not wearing it,” Amrita Sinha, said.

The modus operandi is that the TCP personnel checked them, made them stop their vehicles, pull the vehicle to the next point where some traffic personnel would give them some advice/counseling and offer them sweets / toffees. The drive began a couple of days back and it is being taken up at different locations of Churachandpur town on a daily basis. The drive was conducted yesterday in front of Bata Store, SA Road Junction.

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The drive assumed significance against the backdrop of frequent two-wheeler accidents, some resulting into fatalities in the town area down the year. Significantly, the District Transport Office has registered about 30 to 40 new two-wheeler vehicles in the district in a month.

“It is a reminder for them to not forget to wear their helmets next time, as it is their safety which is of prime importance for us and a helmet would protect them and not anyone else,” the SP said.

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“Imposing some fines is not bringing about any change and our intention is to bring about some change, to instill some kind of safety sense in the minds of people because helmet protects an individual and it is not for anybody else and it is for their own safety that we’re doing this,” quipped Ms Sinha, an IPS officer of 2015 batch who joined as Superintendent of Police here just about two months back.

Rather than imposing fine we are trying to do it in a little more innovative way and by counseling them so that they understand that this would benefit the general public, she said.

The drive is being carried out by I/c Traffic with the TCP personnel under the overall guidance of SP Churachandpur.

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Lauding the initiative, Shri Thangkhanlal Ngaihte, Assistant Professor at Churachandpur Govt. College said, “The drive is one ingenious way of trying to win hearts and minds. A good attempt at showing that the law needs not always be harsh and oppressive. A welcome break and hope it bears good fruits.”

“Innovation is not just about the latest devices or gadgets, but finding new ways to do things better. The innovative way of the TCP in dealing with the helmetless riders will go a long way in instilling a sense of security and camaraderie between the public and the law enforcement agencies,” said Shri S. Khaikhopau, an MCS officer.

Terming the initiative Gandhian, T Lalboi, a helmetless rider who was offered sweets smilingly said that this ‘style of campaign,’ instead of imposing penalty, would really pay dividend in the long run.


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