Calendar Clash on Ningol Chakkouba


Imphal: This year’s Ningol-Chakkouba, the biggest festival of Manipur falls on…! Which date to take, is it 29th October or 30th October 2019? The absurdity is that some calendars published in the state take 29th October as the Day and some take 30th October.

While the Manipuri or Meetei or Meitei calendar is based on lunar circles and as such Ningol-Chakkouba falls on 2nd day of Hiyang-gei month (Hiyang-gei Nini panba). However, having said that, one would certainly find it very ridiculous if they compare some of 2019 calendars to check the festival date for 2019.

Some calendars had shown 29th October as Ningol-Chakkouba as 1st and 2nd days of Hiyang-gei being on the same date, while some shown the festival date as 30th October as 2nd and 3rd days of Hiyang-gei falling on the date. Ironically, the Public Holiday lists published by the Government of Manipur had listed the festival on 30th October 2019 as holiday.

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A Meetei Calendar of which the dates were provided by Kangleipak Calendar Board, Imphal had published the calendar with 29th October as Ningol-Chakkouba day. A very popular Manipuri calendar with the name English Manipuri Calendar 2019 published by Sri Narayan Stationaries Industries and some other calendars published by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Akampat, Escent Diagostics Pvt. Ltd, Nongmeibung and a calendar published by Directorate of Environment, government of Manipur also declared 29th October as the festival date. And according to these calendars, 1st and 2nd day of Hiyang-gei falls on the day.

However, if we see the traditional belief and practice of Meiteis/Meitei Hindus, the Ningol (Married women) would never visit the parental homes on the 1st day of lunar calendar or Nongma Panba day. So, if according to these calendars, 2019’s Ningol-Chakkouba falls on 29th October and the date being also a Nongma-panba day in lunar calendar, then the day is absolutely a NO-ENTRY day, if we may say so.

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While rest of the calendars that are with the Pothashang team, as mentioned earlier, declared 30th October 2019 as Ningol-Chakkouba Day as 2nd and 3rd day of Hiyang-gei falling on the same date.

The biggest absurdity is the clash of Ningol-Chakkouba date with the holiday lists published by the state government and a calendar published by Directorate of Environment, government of Manipur, where the former declared 30th October 2019 as holiday for being the festival day and 29th October 2019 by the later.

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Is there no authority to check the authenticity of the calendars published in the state? In a recent press statement, the Kangleipak Calendar Board had requested to consult the Board for publication of 2020 calendars for sorting the confusion on Thabans in future. The board may be working without any authority to check such confusions; the state government also should look into this, as calendars published along with Thabans always create confusions.

It doesn’t matter whether 2019’s Ningol-Chakkouba falls on 29th or 30th October, what matter is the Hiyangei Nini Panba, as it is on this Day that we celebrate the festival.

Happy Ningol-Chakkouba 2019 in advance.

(The article doesn’t intend to hurt anybody. It is just an observation from the POTHASHANG TEAM).


One thought on “Calendar Clash on Ningol Chakkouba

  • September 25, 2019 at 8:21 AM

    Nungsijaraba meetei machasing, ikhoina chatnngba laining chatcharabasu, leiningba mafamda leijarabasu, kairoidabadi Isana isabuni, meeteidi meeteioina hingjaba. Meetei haiba khunaisi broilers onkhragani, identify crisis laklagani, aduna jetnaba leitana Maru hourakfam kaogumsi.


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