Joykishan terms Biren government as ‘timid’


Pothashang News Service: Imphal, November 13, 2019: Manipur government is timid and that’s why it refuses to hold Assembly session, MLA Kh. Joykishan said on Wednesday.

He made the statement on the backdrop of the people’s demand to hold Assembly session and take resolution that Manipur government will not accept any outcome of the Peace talks between the NSCN (I-M) and the Government of India that would affect the territorial and administrative integrity of the state.

The statement of the chief minister (N. Biren Singh) that the government will not call for Assembly session indicates of sidelining the people’s issue, Jokishan said. Refusing to hold Assembly session shows that the government pays no attention to people’s voice. If unwanted incident occurs the government should be solely responsible for it, he added.

The Assembly resolved to safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur. The situation now is not breaking of state’s boundary, but, separation of administration and financial power within Manipur which may result to falling apart of the state. This is the fear, he added.

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“If there will be no Assembly session and people have to stay calm as nothing will happen, the government should say it will be responsible for any consequences. Why can’t the government say it? Why did the chief minister say the government with people will take up agitations if the peace talk outcome goes against the voice of the people? This shows that the state government is suspicious of the peace talk. It is not the time to act as told by the Centre. I appeal to the state leader and people’s leader, let’s work together according to the wishes of the people,” Joykishan said.

Biren on Tuesday appealed the people and civil society organisations of the state to trust central leaders and state government, and to remain calm until Centre invites stakeholders for consultation to bring out a harmonious solution to Naga issue.

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“The state assembly is for the people’s welfare. The most important issue in this decade is the Naga issue. We appreciate the steps taken up by the Centre to conclude the peace talks, but, it will be a right step for the House to take a resolution reaffirming that the talk will not affect the interest of Manipur,” Joykishan said.

Joykishan said the BJP leaders never keep promises as he was reacting to the chief minister’s statement that the present state government has full trust in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah that they would keep their words on the issue. Joykishan said the BJP leaders and the present CM ahead of the state Assembly election promised the people that they would not go with NPF which did not happen. They also promised that AFSPA will be removed from the state. They also promised of Achhe Din. They made false promises and people don’t believe BJP government, he added.

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How can a government which cannot take a resolution for the people when the state faces a crucial stage? What it can do is to harass people by imposing curfew, Jokishan said.

He also asked, “Why the government is silent on the question of Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019. Does the government accept the implementation of the bill?”

It is the right time for Assembly sitting as there are two big issues in the state, he added.

“In this crucial situation, is it right to appeal the people to celebrate Sangai festival so as the world sees Manipur as a peaceful place. What is this? Manipur is not peaceful. Why should Sangai festival be celebrated when people are unrest for the cause of Manipur integrity?  Let the people from other countries know what is happening in Manipur,” Jojkishan said.


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