MDA supports legalisation of cannabis plantation


Pothashang News Service: Imphal, February 23, 2020: Manipur Democratic Alliance (MDA) on Saturday expressed its support to Manipur goverment’s proposal for cannabis plantation for medicinal and industrial purpose in place of poppy plantation and jhum cultivation in Manipur.

MDA took the resolution on Tuesday.

Relationship between hills and valleys will be better if no one disrupt on the legalisation of canabis plantation for the next five years, MDA convenor M. Tombi said during a press conference held at its state party office, Imphal on Saturday.

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He said relationship between people of hills and valley is hard to bring under one umbrella due to imbalance while bringing development. Legalisation of cannabis plantation will omit the gap and development could be brought equally in both, he added.

In some parts of hill areas in Manipur plantation of poppy have been a profitable business though it is illegal. If cannabis is legalised for medicinal and industrial purpose people of hills could get similar profit in plantation of cannabis. MDA will press at Centre to legalise cannabis if necessary, Tombi said.

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Much Indian made foreign liquor has been selling in the sate in an illegal manner. The state would have collected huge amount of revenue from liquor market if it was legalised. Though the state had been announced as dry state selling of liquor, it could not be prevented, he pointed.

People of hills have owned the illegal business on plantation of poppy to earn their livelihood. Taking an alternative arrangement to replace poppy plantation by legalizing plantation of cannabis will be a good steps for the state economy and people of hills, Tombi added.


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