Student bodies protest against lockdown


Imphal: Six student bodies of Manipur – AIMS, AMSU, DESAM, MSF, KSA and SUK on Tuesday staged a demonstration rally at DM College campus, here, pressing the government to take up alternative measures to tackle Covid-19 issues instead of enforcing lockdown.

Volunteers of the student bodies took up the demonstration holding placards embedded with their demands.

“Lockdown is not a Silver bullet, this will not prevent Corona from transmission,” AMSU president Peter Laishram said representing the student bodies.

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The government instead of scaring people should make people aware of the disease and make the people clearly know the policies of the government in combating the contagion, he added.

The student bodies urge the authority to teach the people to live amid the virus.

They demanded to arrange RIMS as hospital for non-Covid patients.

Life Savings Drugs and immune stabilisers like multi vitamin tablets should be made available adequately in the state, Peter said.

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He also urged the government to take up strong initiatives to boost the state’s economy and to make available food items to the people.

The students also demanded to let all the hospitals open to people. They urged the government to take up welfare measures for those who are engaging in essential service sectors.

They demanded to set up Cabinet sub-committee with respect to medical issue, food and public distribution system, economic issue, education, etc.

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It was also demanded that the government must make people fully aware of government policies by frequently interacting with media people.

The student bodies asserted that they are ready to take up awareness programme on the way to live with the contagion.

The demonstrators wore masks and maintained social distancing norms during the rally.


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