Vungzagin inspects the site for construction Pherzawl district mini-secretariat


Imphal: Minister of transport, TA and hills and GAD  Vungzagin Valte selected and inspectsed the site for construction Pherzawl district mini-scretariat on Thursday.

He also inspected the sites for construction of the newly proposed police station and ITI campus in the district headquarters, Pherzawl.

The minister said these infrastructural developments are in the under process and will be soon carried out in to bring governance nearer to the people.

To prevent the people from Malaria, the minister also launched Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) for the district.

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Dr. Phirthanglien, CMO of the district stated that LLINs will be distributed to every household and should be used as instructed to prevent oneself from mosquito bites.

With the present Covid-19 pandemic, the minister continued Jan Andolan for Covid-19 appropriate behaviour-wearing mask, regular hand washing and maintaining of social distancing in the villages he visited.


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