Manipur observes Mother Language Day


Imphal: Manipur on Sunday observed International Mother Language Day at Gandhi Memorial Hall, Imphal.

It was organized by the directorate of Llnguage, panning and implementation, Manipur.

Education minister S. Rajen Singh said it is the duty of every citizen to preserve and protect our mother language. Every community has its own dialects or language. Also, all communities wish to preserve and protect it. The observance itself is a manifestation of preserving ones own language, he added.

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Rajen said language is also the identity of a community. Manipuri language has been included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. It is because of those who struggled for the cause of our mother language.

Curriculum of Manipuri language and script has been introduced rom lower to higher studies. The Manipuri Official Language Act, 1979 has been amended. With the new amendment after ten years the existing Bengali Mayek will be replaced by Meitei/Meetei Mayek, he added.

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Minister also emphasized to prefer mother language instead of others. But knowing other languages is also quite helpful. The age old traditions of the state also need to be preserved.

“There have been changes during the last few decades but changing our indigenous traditions is not appreciable. The state is very rich and unique in art and culture. We should always protect our identities,” the minister said.


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