Biren inaugurates sports complex


Imphal: Manipur chief minister N. Biren Singh inaugurated sport complex, named after his late father N. Goura Singh, at Oklong village in Senapati district.

Biren conveyed his sincere gratitude to the locals for naming the complex in his late father’s name. He said there is no religion or caste in sports, everyone is equal in the field of sports, sports unites everyone.

In six districts sports facilities are in being develop and are being in the process of completion. These sports facilities will be equipped with galleries and changing rooms. Since election model Code of Conduct is around the corner, he may not be able visit these places but they are in his top priority lists, Biren said.

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The chief minister also attended the 88th Anniversary of Makhel Heritage Conclave Reserve. He thanked the Mao student organisations and the Moa community for welcoming him in their midst.

He informed that for constructing Re–united Heritage Park, the state government will provide monetary funds. Such initiative will promote youth with leadership skills and explore career opportunities through academic sessions. He also informed that he takes an initiatives to open Mao Market in Imphal and he will definitely participate in any events organise by the Mao community.


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