Congress asks CEO to take action against KNO statement supporting BJP


Imphal: The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has submitted a memorandum to the chief electoral officer (CEO) to take urgent necessary action against the statement issued by the banned Kuki National Organisation (KNO) ‘which is threatening people to vote for BJP it is hindering free and fair elections in Manipur’.

The statement issued on Saturday by the President of the banned Kuki National Organisation on February 25 is a directt and clear threat to the conduct of free and fair elections in the state of Manipur, the memorandum stated.

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It blatantly intimidates people to vote for the BJP holding out direct consequence to those who will not follow its instructions. This statement has been issued with the full knowledge and conivance of the Union home minister and the chief minister of Manipur, the Manipur PCC said.

The Indian National Congress calls upon the chief election commissioner and the CEO to take the most seriotai and urgent note of this deliberate, dangerous, and diabolical statement that violates in unmistakable language the election commission’s model code of conduct and take urgent action to ensure that fear spread by the statement of the president of KNO is completely removed.

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The memorandum was signed by CLP leader Okram Ibobi Singh, AICC observer Jairam Ramesh and former Union minister Salman Khurshid.


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