Zeliangrong organisations urge all not to interfere election


Imphal: The Zeliangrong Civil Organisations (ZCOs) comprised of Zeliangrong Baudi, Zeliangrong Youth Front and Zeliangrong Students Union havebstrongly urged to all concerned to leave the people alone in the matter of election so that the people are allowed to exercise their democratic right in free and fair manner.

In a press statement issued by media and publicity cell of ZCO said, “Let the people use their wisdom and decide their own choice to vote and choose the right candidate to represent them. We have been witnessing development deficit, economical backwardness and tardy social progress in Zeliangrong areas due to disturbances, interferences, obstruction and intimidation to voters from different factors during election time in the guise of different issues and agenda.”

It is unfortunate that some people imposed road blockade in two different locations near Tamphung village and Magamai village areas situated along the Maram-Peren road under Tadubi Assembly Constituency, Senapati District, Manipur, it added.

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Zeliangrong voters comprised of students and others who are doing different professions and coming to exercise their democratic right from Nagaland side were forcibly turned back towards Peren side at Tamphung village and those voters coming from Senapati and Imphal side were forcibly turned back towards Maram Centre side at Magamai village, it said.

“Such unlawful and criminal act indulged and committed by those group of people is totally unacceptable and uncalled for and strongly condemned and also demand the concern authority to enquire into the incident and identify the people who are behind the incident and book them immediately as per law of the land. The weakness and the ineffectiveness of the government should not unnecessarily render the democratic citizen of the country to suffer in such a manner. Failure on the part of the government to act as per law of the land will only set as a precedence in the coming future,” it said.

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Obstruction, interference, disturbances, coercion or intimidation caused to others people’s from exercising their free and fair democratic right by another group in order to win the election will only bring negative impact to social progress in addition to social disharmony and escalation of animosity among the people. Therefore, the ZCOs urged to all concerned to refrain from resorting to such acts. Let there prevails peace and social harmony by respecting the rights of the others people, it added.

People need to support and co-operate each other by ensuring the participation of every voters to exercise their democratic right by choosing their own choice of candidate, it said.

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“The selection of candidate in the Election time without giving the opportunity to the people to think is the root cause of social backwardness and poor economic condition of the people. Selection of candidates by certain group or organisation by means of intimidation or coercion to voters during the election time is a suppressive policy and anti-people approach which should be stopped forthwith in the larger interest of the people”, it said.

The ZCOs urged to all voters to exercise their democratic right in free and fair manner and to ensure and to achieve. It is the responsibility of the government to uphold the democratic right of the people, the joint statement said.


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