Poll violence issue will reach Parliament, CM should be ashamed of such cheap politics: Shiv Sena


Imphal: The issues of booth capture and supporting BJP candidates by blocking all the EVM button except BJP candidate will reach Parliament and chief minister N. Biren should be ashamed of such kind of cheap politics, state president Shiv Sena, M. Tombi said on Monday.

If such kind of politics is not stopped BJP will win the entire 60 out of 60 seats, Tombi told reporters here.

Most of the people including CEO, Manipur, Rajesh Agarwal who was appointed to monitor the election of Manipur are afraid to raise complaint or to take any step against BJP government. People are afraid if they might put behind bars or might threaten by sending security forces and others, he added.

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In Churachandpur district, one of the Kuki militants under suspension of operation (SoO) in support of BJP candidate threatened the electors to support BJP candidate. Even the militants in support of BJP candidate blocked all the buttons of EVM with sticks by leaving only the BJP candidate button, he said.

It is a democratic right for every citizen and can support any political party or candidate however, such type of support is violation of democratic right of every citizen, he added.

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It seems like a business. There is no need to re-poll if such type of support from militants are not stopped, Tombi said.

He appealed not to repeat such type of cheap politics as it may ruin the future of Manipur.

Shiv Sena candidate of 57-Henglep Assembly Constituency, T Thangzalam Haokip said as per circulation made by Kuki National Organisation (KNO) it was mentioned that the militant organisation under SoO will be supporting all the BJP candidates.

He said he made a complaint to the CEO against supporting with arms, but did to reply.

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He said the 12th Manipur Legislative assembly election appears a mockery. The security forces who were deputed for the protection of EVMs and election failed to discharg their duty as overpowered by the BJP supporters.

The villagers of Churachandpur were also warned by the BJP supporters that if they voted for candidates other than BJP then they should pay a find of Rs 5 lakh and one pig (customary law), he added.

He said many instances were occurred in different polling stations however, no action was taken against the BJP supporters.


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