Punggee Tantha thrills Manipuri Jagoi Marup golden jubilee


Imphal: Latest music composition ‘Punggee Tantha’ of the Rhythms of Manipur was showcased on Sunday afternoon at the Golden Jubilee Stage  of the Manipuri Jagoi Marup Lamboikhongnangkhong, here.

Chairman of Rangiketan, Manipur Ajit Das, Likmabam Manibabu Singh, president Rhythms of Manipur and M.Lakshmikumar Singh former commissioner of art and culture department graced the premiere of the music ensembled as chief guest, president and special guest respectively.

Ajit Das recalled the richness of Manipuri culture and performing Arts comparing to other art forms of the rest of the World.He also lauded the Rhythms of Manipur towards its  contributions in the field of Manipuri culture during the last thirty five years.

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The chief guest cautioned about the danger from the outsider who are encroaching towardsManipur in various fronts.

The Punggee Tantha  is a music ensemble based on the beats and tunes of various songs including the Holi, tribal music, folk song etc. The beat of drums by eleven  young girls in different beats with hand  and stick gestures are the main part of this music ensemble, movement sequences holding the specially designed holi  flag by four lady drummers added color to the ensemble.

The folk song and the drum dance by three male drummers also incorporated in the ensemble.The Jugal bandi of Meitei Pung, Dhollok, Khol with the support of three violin also suitably placed in the ensemble. The music ensemble starts with the Pena invocation concludes with drum dance by three male drummers.

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Altogether 14 ladies involved in this presentation.

The Rhythms of Manipur established in the year 1985 regularly produced various music composition in various themes during the last thirty five years.

The Journey and Dancing Drummers won the prestigious Doordarshan national award in music category in 2009 and 2019-20.They also successfully performed in many parts of the country besides performing in many Asain countries and Port of Spain in connection with important festivals and events.

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Actively involved at the annual Manipur Sangai Festival organised by the Manipur Government.Haobam Nisheshwor Singh is the Director of the music ensemble.

The Rhythms of Manipur had produced major compositions, ensembles and plays since 1995.

Heirangkhoinida (based on Pena Music)in 1995,Seigonnabi (based on Manipuri Nat Sankirtan Music) in 1997,Moirang Sai Opera in 2002,Langdei Khonjel(fusion music of Indian and Manipuri Music) in 2008,Tension in 2009, Drums of Manipur in 2009,Journey (Doordarshan National Award)in 2009-10, Thadou Music in 2011,Loika Loikum Operatta in 2011, Leela Sanglengee Mami Opera in 2012,Hiyang Athouba play in 2013 , Durga (based on Indian Classical Music) in 2014, Dancing Drummers in 2015 can be mentioned.


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