Manipur government initiates disciplinary action against illegal occupants of government quarters


Imphal:Manipur government has initiated strong action against illegal occupants of government quarters in the state including identification of illegal occupants in all districts and taking up disciplinary actions against all concerned, in order to streamline proper allotment of government quarters both at Imphal and district headquarters.

​The initiatives has been taken up by the state government considering the instances that government quarters, including government guest houses, government buildings etc, are either illegally occupied or sub-let to unauthorised/illegal occupants by the government employees to whom the quarters are allocated, both at the district level as well as within the vicinity of Imphal city. “Such un-authorised and illegal occupations have adversely affected and deprived those genuine government employees from getting government quarters/accommodation”.

Considering the serious nature of un-authorized occupation of government accommodations/ quarters and to ensure proper maintenance and rational allotment of government quarters the state government has constituted of various verification teams at the state level as well as at the district headquarters level for verification.

Verification teams at state capital consisted of executive engineer, BD-II, PWD as team leader, one representative from deputy commissioner, Imphal West and superintendent of police, Imphal West each as members whereas verification team at district headquarters consist of deputy commissioner of the district concerned as chairman, superintendent of police of the district concerned and sub-divisional officer concerned as members and executive engineer, PWD of the district concerned as member secretary.

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The state government has warned that If government employees or some other private parties/persons are found either occupying government quarters un-authorized or sub-letting to someone else,  strict disciplinary actions like suspension of the concerned government employees as deemed fit under the appropriate sections of the CCS (CCA) Rules will be initiated. “If the un-authorized occupants are found to be private parties/individuals, then they will be booked under the appropriate Law in force and even FIRs will be lodged against them and prompt punitive action will be taken up against them”.

On the basis of the findings of the verification teams and on the request of the works department, many government departments have started suspending erring staff/ employees under them to initiate disciplinary proceedings.

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“On verification of government quarters at Langol Housing Complex at Sectors A, B & C, 28 un-authorised illegal occupations of quarters have been identified so far.” Out of the 28, the state government have placed three government employees under suspension for subletting the government quarters allotted to them. “Necessary actions are being initiated against the remaining 25 employees and un-authorised illegal occupants.”

It may be mentioned that commissioner (works) had also earlier issued a letter to all concerned administrative secretaries and concerned heads of department asking to take immediate disciplinary proceedings such as suspension etc, against the government employees who have sublet the government quarters to unauthorised persons as deemed fit under the relevant provisions CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 and Allotment of Government Residences (General Pool in Imphal) Rules, 1989 or any other appropriate rules/ standing instructions of the state government.

​in the district headquarters, DCs concerned are to ensure the district verification team to visit the district headquarter and immediately check the government quarter allotment lists which is to be followed immediately by field inspection of where the maximum government quarters are located and checking allotment orders directly for the persons found in the government quarter. “Based on findings, the district verification team shall carry out eviction drives for all kinds of illegal or unauthorised occupants immediately and appropriate disciplinary action and penal rent under the Rules will be initiated immediately.”

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​Administrative secretaries of certain department having departmental accommodation/ residential buildings in Imphal and other locations shall also have the Quarters inspected and verified within one week and action taken against any un-authorised occupants.

Commissioner (works) T. Ranjit Singh has warned all government employees including those serving in the public undertakings and the private parties/individuals to stop occupying any government quarters un-authorizedly. Any government employees found indulging in such un-authorised occupation of government quarters will be debarred from allotting government quarters in their remaining service period.


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