Agitating cattle farmers confront police, demand to hike milk price


Imphal: Members of Manipur Milk Producer cooperative society and Porompat police station confronted when the cattle farmers tried to lock down the office room of managing director of Manipur Milk Producer Cooperative United Limited, Porompat, Imphal East on Wednesday.

The farmers were agitating for their demand to increase the price of milk.

The farmers group demanded to increase the price of milk to Rs 50.14 by May 30.

A one-day discussion on irrelevant price on milk was conducted at Porompat in Imphal East. During the discussion milk producer farmers brought a topic that the current price paid by the milk union towards farmers is inappropriate.

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It was also discussed that due to the price hike on medicine, food and others for cattle the price paid by the union towards cattle farmers is very low.

The farmers failed to meet managing director Ng. Ibotombi who is also director of veterinary and animal husbandry department in order to discuss the issue.

During the meeting agendas including untimely money clearance for the cattle farmers were also discussed.

After the meeting taking their demands the members of Manipur Milk Producer Cooperative Society stormed at Manipur Milk Producer Cooperative United Limited and tried to lock down the office chamber of its managing director claiming that he is not appropriate for the post.

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A member of the milk producer cooperative society belonging to IVR milk cooperative society, Nongmaithem Dhanabir said the members tried to meet managing director several times demanding to increase the price of milk,  however failed. Since 4 years of his service cattle farmers and members of the society had been facing severe problem in trying to meet the managing director, he added.

Ibotombi has been giving priority at veterinary and animal husbandry as director instead of taking care of the cattle farmers, Dhanabir said.

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If there is no milk society then there will be no milk union, he cautioned.

Another member of the milk farmers society from Nachou, Laishram Jayenta said the milk union is paying Rs 35 per litre which is inappropriate at present. State government and authority should aware the challenges faced by the cattle farmers, he said.


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