AMUCO appeals Centre to conclude Naga Peace Talk


Imphal: All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO) has appealed the central government to bring an end of the Naga peace talk with central government that has been continuing over the last two decades.

The united clubs’ body staged a sit-in at Kwakeithel Bazaar on Tuesday in connection with “21st Protest Day Against the Divisive Policy of the Government of India”.

The protest day has been observing in connection with the peace talk conducted between NSCN-IM and government of India in which NSCN-IM demanded an agenda ‘without territorial limit’ as cease fire agreement, AMUCO president Ph. Nando Luwang said.

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Nando said regarding the issue on the inclusion of “without territorial limit” in the ceasefire agreement, AMUCO demonstrated a mass protest on June 14, 2001 demanding for the protection of territorial integrity and boundary of Manipur.

In continuation of the movement carried for the protection of territorial integrity and boundary of the state, the incident of June 18 was occurred where 18 souls had martyred. If AMUCO did not demonstrated the mass protest, the 18 souls might not have martyred and the territorial integrity and boundary could be affected, he added.

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NSCN-IM and government of India do not want to bring an end to the Naga Peace Talk and ceasefire agreement that has been continuing since August 1, 1997. The agenda of government of India behind the peace talk is to supress insurgency by using NSCN-IM and that of NSCN-IM is to set up a position in the north east, he said.

Both the parties have yet to achieve their target and due to the reason both NSCN-IM and government of India do not want to bring an end of the agreement, Nando said.

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The Naga Peace Talk has been giving a huge impact to the people and should bring to a conclusion, he added.

While one insurgency group based on a community tried to destroy the territorial integrity and boundary of Manipur, another insurgency group of another community has started attacking the territorial intrigity and unity of the state, Nando said.

Such efforts will be useless as it will be similar as fishing in desert, he added.


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