Tupul landslide death tall rises to 34


Imphal: Death toll of the massive landslide that occurred on intervening of Wednesday and Thursday at Tupul Yard Railway construction camp has risen to 34 while 28 went missing till Sunday morning.

The victims belonged to 107TA COB (B-Coy) (43), Venkata Sai Constructions (23), Railways (3), Bharat Infra Pvt Ltd (3), villagers (5) and unidentified (4).

Twenty-23 of deceased persons belonged to 107TA COB (B-Coy), six belonged to Venkata Sai Constructions, two belonged to Bharat Infra Pvt Ltd, one belonged to NIPL Infra Projects and two were unidentified.

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Seven of the 107TA COB (B-Coy), 12 of Venkata Sai Constructions, three of Railways, one of Bharat Infra Pvt Ltd, five villagers and four unidentified persons still went missing.

Thirteen of the injured (rescued) belonged to 107TA COB (B-Coy) and five belonged to Venkata Sai Constructions.

Deputy commissioner of Noney district Haulianlal Guite released the Maranging landslide victims list.

A total of 620 personnel have been deployed. Thirty-seven excavators have been utilised in the rescue mission.

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“Due to today’s early rainfall, new cracks appear onsite, so all rescue teams have been advised to proceed with caution,” the deputy commissioner said.


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