Student bodies extend support to War on Drugs


Imphal: Manipur University Students’ Union, Manipur University Tribal Students’ Union, Manipur University and All College Tribal Students’ Union, Imphal have extended their support to Manipur government’s War on Drugs.

The representatives of the student bodies met chief minister N. Biren Singh at his official residence on Sunday to declare their support to the government’s mission.

“It is very encouraging that student bodies have come out to actively support the War on Drugs campaign in different capacities. With the support extended by the youths, CSOs, community leaders in the recent past to fight a social evil like illicit drugs, I can’t be more confident about our victory in this war against drugs,” the chief minister said.

In the letter of support to War on Drugs campaign the Manipur University students’ Union written to the chief minister said illegal drug trade has been a backdoor business of almost every country, inhibiting the overall development of a nation and destroying then precious lives of resourceful youths of a nation and Manipur in particular, with drug addiction and immense human distress. “We the office bearers of Manipur University students’ Union (MUSU), on behalf of the students of Manipur University would like to appreciate and thankful to Hon’ble CM N Biren Singh for initiating the campaign War on Drug which aim to reduce these illegal drug trade in Manipur.”

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As youths seems to be the target of this drug menace and its abuse, MUSU extends whole hearted support to any steps of the War on Drug campaign and shall work among the youths and students of this state and Manipur University in particular to eradicate the drug problem in the state.

Manipur University Tribal Students’ Union (MUTSU) in its letter extended a full support in the campaign on War on drugs 2.0. “We have recently witnessed a massive success in the campaign on it under your leadership, and the effort made by the Law Enforcement Agency particularly is laudable too.”

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It said,”Since, Manipur is geographically located in the close vicinity of the infamous illicit opium production area — Golden Triangle (Myanmar, Laos…), we have been struggling with the free flow of various illicit drugs into the state. Therefore, it is high time, we feel, for the academicians, journalists and students as well, particularly from universities to come forward and support the campaign; help the government prepared action plan and frame its mechanism against the illegal drug traffickers and drug abusers.”

Apart from the moral support, MUTSU as an organisation will extend any necessary help in its own capacity anytime in the future. “It is an indisputable fact that the illegal drug dealers and drug abusers have long been posing an existential threat to the domestic and public health (both mental and physical) in our state with no leadership bravely coming forward to confront this social ill prior to your pragmatic and visionary leadership. Unlike some leaders who only talk the talk, you walk the talk. Yours forthright action on the ‘War on drugs’ in the state is one of the visible achievements no critic can be critical of your government. You have a complete unanimity from the citizens of the state on your crackdown on illegal drug dealers and the drug addicts. We support War on Drugs in letter and spirit,” the student body said.

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All College Tribal Students’ Union (ACTSU) said it extends full support to chief minister of Manipur in the campaign War on Drugs in letter and spirit. ACTSU as an organisation will extend any necessary help in its own capacity anytime and fight drug menace across the state. “Along with various leaders and civil organizations, we as a responsible student’s organization will come forward and support the campaign against drugs, help government against the illegal drug traffickers and abusers.”


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