Pureiromba Khongnang worshipped to protect environment


Imphal: Paryavaran Sanrakshan Manipur in association with Seva Bharati, Manipur organised Prakiti Vandana (nature worship) by worshiping the holy Pureiromba Khongnang (banyan tree) standing at Konung Mamang, Imphal East on Sunday.

Around 40 volunteers performed rituals by offering flowers and fruits to the ancient holy tree.

Khwairakpam Rajen Singh, Assam Kshetra (North-East region) Karyavah (secretary) led the vandana along with Shijagurumayum Tarunkumar Sharma, Manipur Prant (state) Karyavah (secretary).

After lighting candles and burning incense sticks, thread and red coloured cloth were tied around the tree showing that they were there to protect the tree.

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“This symbolic thread signifies our bonding and also protection for the trees from cutting and felling as Raksha Bandhan also signifies protecting our sisters who tied rakhis to us. Protection of the trees is the need of the hour to save environment,” Thounaojam Bonbihari, Sanyojak, Paryavaran Sanrakshan said.

“We should plant at least few trees in our live time  and ensure the trees survive and grow to its full potential. We, human beings and all the animals in this planet are protected and nurtured by the plants. We are surviving because of the oxygen provided by the trees. From scientific point of view peepal tree is a boon for us. The peepal tree is a great source of oxygen as it releases oxygen around the clock,” he added.

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A brief speech on Prakiti Vandana was given by Bonbihari. He said, “We can understand the beauty and wonderful ways of nature from observing trees… Trees bear fruits which are not for their own consumption but for us.”

Rivers, lakes, ponds do not drink their own water but provide water for the rest of the living beings. Water is very important for our survival as there are about 70 percent water in all the living cells. It would not be wrong to say, human beings are also water as composition of water in our body is above 50 percent. “We should develop the habits of judicious use of water. When the environment protects us without any condition, it is also our duty and responsibility to do the something for our environment,” he added.

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Paryavaran Sanrakshan carried slogans ‘to act for a better tomorrow’. “Let’s plant trees”, “Let’s conserve trees”, Let’s use water judiciously” and “Let’s stop using polythene” were the slogans.


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