‘Easy availability of drugs increasies crime despite ‘war on drugs 2.0’


Imphal: Despite Manipur government’s measures taken up under “War on Drugs 2.0” mission number of drug has been increased in the state due to easy availability of drugs, president Khwairamband Nupi keithel Sinpham Amadi Shaktam Kanba Lup, Keshtrimayum Shanti said.

Shanti told reporters at Emoinu Keithel, one of a market shed Khwairamband Ima Market, that the state government has been taking various steps to root out drugs from the state. Due to easy availability of different drugs in Imphal number of drug users are increased and crimes rate goes up, she added.

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She said during day time number of drug users are loitering in the Khwairamband market area while during night time they are stealing the belongings of market vendors.

Volunteers of Kanglei Economic Development Organisation stationed at Ima Keithel apprehended two drug users on Tuesday and Wednesday while they were trying to steal the belongings of women market vendors. Both of them were handed over to City Police station for further necessary actions, she added.

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She appealed the state government to take necessary steps to prevent from such crimes.

Police said both the habitual drug users were handed over to a rehabilitation centre.


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