Enjoy Sadananda’s “Cheitheng” on Sunday


Imphal: The Kanglei Mime Theatre Repertory will perform its Mime play “Cheitheng” (Agony),  directed by Dr Y. Sadananda, at Kanglei Mime Theatre hall, Langthabal Kunj, Imphal on Sunday at 4 pm.

The non verbal play is based on an episode of the great epic, Ramayana, in which king Dasaratha, the renowned and mighty ruler of Ayodhya was very fond of hunting and that was his favorites time pass. He was a mighty archer and a sure shooter. He could not only shoot a moving target but also at the source without even seeing it.

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He had well mastered the art of Shardhavedhan, e.i piercing the source of sound as though by reflex action. That day while hunting in the dense jungle, Dasaratha committed a mighty blunder by killing Sharwankumar, who was the only light in the dark world of the blind parents Shantavan and Gyinvati.

When Dasaratha broke the news of their son’s death. Gyanvati, grief stricken, could not hold herself long. Shantavan too died on the spot after cursing the king. Shantavan’s curse did not go waste. Dasaratha was fated to die in agony of separation from his son Rama.

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The performance is organised in collaboration with art and culture department, Government of India under the sponsorship of ministry of culture.


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