Kanglei Mime Theatre Repertory presents Cheitheng


Imphal:  Kanglei Mime Theatre Repertory (KMTR) on Sunday presented its mime play “Cheitheng”(Agony), at the Kanglei Mime Theatre Hall, Langthabal Kunja, Imphal West.

Directed by Dr Y. Sanananda, the mime play was organized in collaboration with state department of art and culture under the sponsorship of ministry of culture.

Art and culture commissioner M. Joy Singh said as there are different characters in a theatrical play, the life of human being is a composite of different characters. A bad character practiced by a person may be dreadful for a society and family but it can be corrected by showing through theatre instead of the advice given to them. He expressed his hope that there will be comfortable theatre hall with modern equipments in future.

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Sadananda highlighted the history and development of mime play. “Cheitheng”, which was created as an experimental mime play in 2005, has been showcased in different countries of the world including South Korea, Greece, etc.

​​The play is based on an episode of the great epic Ramayana. King Dasaratha, the renowned and mighty ruler of Ayodhya, who was very fond of hunting, committed a mighty blunder while hunting in the dense jungle by killing Sharvankumar, who was the only light in the dark world of his blind parents. Dasaratha, who had been cursed by Shavankumar’s parents, was fated to die in agony of separation from his son Rama.

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Kanglei Mime Theatre Repertory, Imphal, a centre for art lovers, enthusiasts and creative artistes, was established in the year 1987. It is the only professional Mime Theatre group in Manipur. It is also a leading Mime theatre group in India.


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