Fake doctor couple arrested in Manipur


Imphal: Manipur Police on Thursday arrested two fake doctors, a couple, who were running clinics by the name of Jahuda Modern Clinic and Jahuda Ladies Women Clinic at Sora Bazar in Kakching district of Manipur.

The couple was identified as N. Nandakumar Singh and Bijayanti Devi.

They were apprehended when a joint team of chief medical officer, Kakching, and Kakching Police raided the clinics. The clinics were raided based on complaints of suspected fake doctors working in Kakching district, Kakching superintendent of police Shrey Vats said.

The team found prescription pads in the names of the fake doctors.

Upon inspection of  prescription papers, it was observed that N. Nandakumar declared himself as Medicine degree holder while Bijayanti Devi was claiming to be a nursing assistant and a obstetrician and gynaecologist in two different sets of prescriptions.

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Nandakumar had two different registration numbers ( 3394/3994) registered at the West Bengal Medical Council dated 1997 and his wife Bijayanti had a registration number 3815 registered with Assam council. They failed to produce any document to prove that such registration was genuine, the senior police officer said.

On the spot it was found that they were practicing unsafe Medical Termination of Pregnancy with unsafe unsterilized instrument sets, which they also admitted to. A few MR syringes and a Copper T were found corroborating the same. They also have a makeshift bed with a broken IV stand which presumably is the bed for conducting unsafe abortions, he added.

Also they were prescribing Drugs and medicines without appropriate knowledge about names, indications, dose timings and side effects. From the spot, the health team seized different allopathic and homeopathic medications alongwith unsterilized surgical instruments. These medicines were stocked and dispensed from an open counter without any valid licence from the State Regulatory body. They had a receipt book in the name of BCH Pharmacy claiming it to be a registered pharmacy but without any licence number or GST number which is required and mandatory nowadays, he said.

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On countering Nandakumar regarding his qualification and degree, he claimed to have studied from one institute called as Indian Board of Alternative Medicine located at 80 Chowranghee Lane at Kolkota. The institute has been included in the list of fake universities operating out of Kolkota and different parts of India a few years back. It was also known to him that the degree he obtained was from a fake university and that he received a written communication about the same few years back. His wife could not inform where she got her degrees and exactly what degree she has and whether she is a gynaecologist or nursing professional, the police superintendent said.

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Also from his possession ‘we could find different seals identifying him as a medical practitioner  and one identifying him as a medical officer of Kakching’ he added.

The two persons were arrested and handed over to Kakching Police for legal action under relevant sections of the law, the senior officer said.


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