‘Manipur produced Sareng will cost Rs 1,200 per 750 gm to 1 kg’


Imphal: After discussing with fishery minister the Fishery department has fixed the rate of Manipur farm Sareng as Rs 1,200 per 750 gm to 1 kg, said Fishery director Heisnam Balkrishna while Fishery minister Heikham Dingo Singh said around 3,000 kg of local Sareng will be made available during 44th Fish Fair cum Fish Crop Competition, 2022..

The department is targeting to produce around 1 lakh kg of different varieties of fishes in the fish fair to be held on Wednesday at Haptta Kangjeibung, Dingo said.

Regarding the Ningol Chakouba related fish fair a press conference was held at New Secretariat building, here on Monday.

Dingo said during the fish fair the department is targeting for around 200 fish farmers to be participating from 16 different districts of Manipur. Unlike the previous years’ fish fair people will get the opportunity to buy locally rear Sareng in the 44th Fish Fair cum Fish Crop Competition.

A total of 155 talls will be prepared for the participants with free of cost. The travelling allowance for fish farmers will be reimbursed. During the fish fair fish varieties like Catla, Rohu, Mirgal, Common Carp, Grass Carp, Silver Carp and among the indigenous fishes Pengba/Khabak, Ngaton, Ngahei, Ukabi (Anabus), Porom (Murrel) and Tunghanbi (Tilapia) will be produced, he added.

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Under the initiatives of BJP led government, the state has almost overcome the issue on imported ice packed fishes. In the previous year fish fair the department targeted to produce 90,000 kg of different varieties of fishes but the fish farmers were able to produce 1.25 lakh kg of fishes. During 2019 Manipur need 52,000 kg of fish in a year and the state fish farmers can produce 32,000 kg of fish in a year, he said.

Dingo said presently with the increasing number of fish farmers and with the adoption of new technology in fish rearing the state can produce around 40,000 kg of fish in a year. He said the state might become a ice packed fish dependent free state by 2025.

Balkrishna said the department has fixed the price of fishes to be sold during the fish fair cum fish crop competition. He said Catla Rs 210 for below 2 kg, Rs 270 for 2kg and above, Rs 350 for 5kg and above; Rohu Rs 220 for below 1 kg, Rs 280 for 1kh and above, Rs 350 for 2 kg and above; Mirgal Rs 220 for below 1kg, Rs 280 for 1kg and above, Rs 350 for 2kg and above; Common Carp Rs 200 for below 1kg; Rs 250 for 1kg and above, Rs 280 for 2kg and above; grass carp Rs 230 for below 2 kg, Rs 280 for 2kg and above, Rs 310 for 3kg and above, Rs 350 for 5 kg and above; silver carp Rs 180 for below 3 kg, Rs 200 for 3 kg and above; Pengba/Khabak Rs 450 for below 300 gm, Rs 550 for above 300 gm; Ngaton Rs 450 per kg; Ngahei Rs 220 for 1kg and above, Rs 300 for 3 kg and above; Ukabi (Anabus) Rs 350 per kg; Prorom (Murrel) Rs 300 per kg and Tunghanbi (Tilapia) Rs 150 per kg.

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He said there are Sareng weighing around 3.5 to 4 kg however the fish farmers kept them as fish brooder and not for selling. The fish fingerlings and fish brooders were bought from outside the state but the department is planning to solve the issue by producing fish fingerlings and fish brooders from the state itself, he added.

Balkrishna said the 44th edition of Fish Fair cum Fish Crop Competition will be a buyer friendly fair.

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In the competition the first prize winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh with certificate while the second and third prize winners will be given Rs 70,000 and Rs 50,000 along with certificate respectively. The highest producer of indigenous fish will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 20,000 while Rs 10,000 each will be given to 20 consolation prize winners.

Dingo wished the people of Manipur for a safe and peaceful celebration of Diwali. He wished all the Ningols (women) of Manipur for a prosperous and joyful celebration with the coming of one of the grand festival of Manipur Ningol Chakouba.

Ningol Chakouba is a festival in which Ningols are invited by their parents and brothers with sumptuous meal, fish being the main menu. It falls on Thursday this year.


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