NAB seizes Heroin, drug trafficker absconds


Imphal: NAB (Narcotics and Affairs on Border) police, Manipur have recovered Herion power drug from a vehicle which driver fled away among crowds at V-Vengnom, Churachandpur on Monday.

While a team of NAB-poice station was conducting random frisking and checking at V-Vengnom near community hall at 5:30 pm, one unknown person on a white Bolero vehicle having registration number AS11DC2032 was given signal to stop for verification. On seeing the signal, he fled away leaving the vehicle with key, superintendent of police K. Meghachandra said.

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The police team chased him but he managed to escape among the crowds. The police team thoroughly checked the vehicle and found the modified chamber of rear tray door of the vehicle. It was suspected that some illegal items were kept concealed inside the concealed compartment, he added.

As a mechanic and machines were required to open the concealed compartment, the vehicle was checked in presence of a mechanic and independent witnesses. On opening it, 40 number of soap cases containing suspected Heroin powder inside small plastic pouches were found inside the concealed compartment weighing about 665 gm including the weight of the transparent plastic pouches. The whole process of searching, checking and seizing were video-graphed. The vehicle along with the suspected Heroin powder were seized in presence of independent witnesses, the senior officer said.

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A case has been registered at NAB-police station for further investigation and to identify the vehicle owner and arrest the involved culprits, he added.


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