Pop singer Ananya Birla wants to sing with Manipur folk music


Imphal: “If opportunity permits to sing my song with Manipuri folk music, it will be one of the best experiences of mu music career” pop singer Ananya Birla said.

Ananya was speaking to reporters during an interaction at mansion HVS, Imphal West on Tuesday.

The 28 years old Indian woman pop singer has recorded over 35 english language song mostly with her own lyrics. Twenty percent of her song are in Punjabi and Hindi.

She said music is a universal language and it is one of the most effective medium to connect people. In the present scenario of music the trends of folk fusion is becoming a trends and she would like to include folk music in her upcoming songs including Manipuri folk music, she added.

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“I wanted to promote the folk music of the country especially for Manipur into the international arena in order to aware the people the softness music of folk music, and music is the only one language that can connect everybody”, Ananya said.

Regarding to choose Manipur to perform her debut, she said, “There are many listeners of her songs from Manipur may be due to most of her songs are in English language and people of Manipur understand the value of an artiste.”

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The multi platinum and award winning artiste of Better, Meant To Be Fame also came to Manipur to perform headline act for MLTR at HVS ground.

Not only Ananya is an Indian woman English singer but also she is an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Svatantra Microfin, a company that provides microfinance to women in rural India. She also launched the Ananya Birla Foundation to support mental health, equality, education, financial inclusion, climate change and humanitarian relief effort.

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Ananya appreciated the hospitality of Manipur and the regards that is given to an artiste without any discrimination. She said she will be waiting for another opportunity to come Manipur and to explore Manipur for its rich cultural heritage, music and others.


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