43 UG cadres lay down arms in Manipur


Imphal: A total of 43 cadres from different UG groups on Saturday laid down arms before Manipur chief minister N. Biren Singh in a homecoming ceremony held at 1 MR Banquet Hall, here.

The 43 cadres of different UG groups included 13 KYKL, five PLA/RPF, five KCP(N), 11 KCP(PWG), five UNLF, one PREPAK, two PREPAK(PRO) and one NSCN(U), a police report said.

The surrendered weapons included 19 arms (13 pistols, one 9mm SMG, two AK series, one 12 mm Bore Gun, one muzzle loaded gun, one hand gun), 17 hand grenade, five hand held sets, one Kenwood set, nine PEK, five IED and 209 ammunitions.

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Under the revised scheme for Surrender-Cum-Rehabilitation of Militants in the North East State, 2018 of the Union ministry of Home affairs, rehabilitation benefits given to the surrendered cadres include a one time financial grant of Rs 4 lakh to each surrenderee, which is to be kept in a bank in their names for a period of three years as fixed deposit, monthly stipends of Rs 6000- per fixed incentives for surrendered weapons.

The surrenderees will stay in a rehabilitation camp for three years, the report said.

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Biren said the government keeps its doors wide open at all times for anyone willing to give up arms and join the mainstream. He informed that the government will implement rehabilitation benefits under the ministry of Home affairs scheme for Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation of Militants in the North East States, 2018 for the youths to come back into the mainstream.

The government is keen to have talks and bring home all the misguided youths of the state. “Till today, 644 surrendered cadres have come back home to start a new life out of the 749. They were screened and accepted by the Surrendering Committee. Altogether 108 surrendered cadres of different UG groups are now in camps under the Surrender scheme of the MHA”, the DGP P. Doungel said.


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