Will not allow harvest single Poppy plant: Biren


Imphal:  “I swear, not a single poppy pot will be allowed to harvest and I will not spare any individual even if it is from my own family member, will try to eradicate poppy plants totally from the soil of Manipur by 2023”, Manipur chief minister N. Biren Singh said on Thursday.

Biren was talking to reporters at the state BJP office, here on Thursday.

He said no MLA of respective Assembly Constituency come to enquire when police department destroyed drug manufacturing unit. But when narcotics are seized from police personnel one of the elected member of Manipur Legislative Assembly came and enquired regarding the matter.

“Involvement of police personnel in drug case is not the first time, it has been witnessed even before the coming the BJP government,” Biren said.

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Superintendent of police, Kakching has sent a written complaint to the authority concerned regarding the enquiry made by one of the elected member of Manipur Legislative Assembly. In the complaint he said the enquiry made by the elected member has hampered the investigation, he added.

He said, the elected member should take the responsibility if particular drug case is failed to solve. Asserting that the issue will reach the Assembly floor, Biren said.

President of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) K. Meghachandra on Monday questioned after meeting superintendent of police, Kakching whether the War on Drugs campaign was a hoax, “we support it. Do not make it a failure; make it credible”.

Biren said at present three drones which are to be use for agricultural purpose are using for spraying herbicides to destroy poppy plants and the government is trying to add 57 more. In the last few days the result of spraying herbicide has come to positive as the poppy plants started drying. Till Thursday the drones have covered over 200 acres of poppy plants and is still counting.

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At March end before the advent of monsoon season the same 60 drones will be using for seeding of trees in hill areas.

He said in an aerial survey many hilly areas of the state people are cultivating jhum cultivation and terrace cultivation, but, the same hill range is not affected. However, mass deforestations are seen to the hill range where poppy cultivation is done. Using chemicals, salts and others is one of the main reason for leaning of river water and soil erosion, the chief minister added.

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War on Drugs campaign is not only for BJP government, but to eradicate the poppy cultivation from the state,  Biren said and appealed not to politicalise the issue.

For alternative crop of poppy cultivation the government has earmarked Rs 7.5 crore, Biren said.

Kangpokpi and Senapati Forest team led by DFO Kangpokpi and police team led by ASP Kalam has cleared around 8 hactre at T Khunomphai, on Thursday. Forest team have stayed in camps since the previous day along with police teams and will continue to destroy poppy till Friday.  A total of 133 men including 33 Forest personnel are at the task.

The area falls under Kangchup Leimakhong Irang Protected Forest area.


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