Plea for action against removal of Sara Bibi portrait from Nupi Lal Memorial Complex


Imphal: United Manipur Muslim Women Development Organisation (UMMWDO) president Anwari Noor Jahan has urged the government to take necessary legal action against those who act like an authority in acknowledging ‘Nupi Lal’ agitators.

Anwari made the plea during a press meet at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, Imphal West on Sunday.

She said recently during the 24th death anniversary of Ima Ramani (a Nupi Lal agitator), secretary of Nupi Lal Memorial Association, Manipur, Nandalala Angomcha told reporters that the committee removed a photograph of one Ima Sara Bibi, claimed to be one of the Nupi Lal agitators.

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She said during the anniversary observation, Nandalala also expressed that the committee cannot find the history of Sara Bibi and due to the reason the committee removed the photograph of Sara Bibi.

Anwari asked how the said committee conducts research. Are they the authority to remove the photograph of Ima Sara Bibi from among the agitators of Nupi Lal kept at Nupi Memorial Complex.

The committee should do research widely instead, she added.

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During state level Nupi Lal observations the role of ‘Sara Bibi’ is included in the drama. How can the committee exclude Ima Sara Bibi from among the agitator’s list? She asked.


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